Diligence wins the game

I heard today about a man’s diligence, and the speed at which he rose to a comfortable living. He began working at the age of 14. After completing his degree in advertising – for which he earned a top-class distinction – he was offered a job by one of the most reputable firms in the industry, BBDO. But this was during the 2008 financial crisis, and all they offered to pay him was a pitiable $1,200 – hardly enough to cover the medical expenses of his ailing father. He took it anyway, for there were no other opportunities in sight. There, he worked 7 days a week and so impressed his bosses that he was quickly raised to the position of a director. His salary however, did not receive quite as significant a boost as one might expect. So he left. Afterwards, he found himself in this current firm. Again, he worked exceedingly hard, and the first paycheck that came in approximated $6,000. The next stood at nearly $10,000. Cannot one but feel absurdly inferior when talking to such a person? It is as if I have already failed this game of life.


2 thoughts on “Diligence wins the game

    • Haha p, I’m not looking for an excess of wealth, but a stability that can only be assured by good pay. Find that stability, and you can begin setting your own rules. As for now, we play by the rules of the world.


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