The actualization

Where once I could never imagine myself leaving – the thought of it even frightened me – now, it looms before me as such a real possibility. Did I ever think that this would happen to me; that I would arrive at this careless disposition? Certainly. As soon as I began finding the lessons boring, began seeing them as no use to me, I knew that I would not stay for long. At first, I told myself that the contents of lessons are immaterial; I am there for a nobler reason. But a person can only endure so much inanity before he relents. Whatever else is thrown to the winds. That is the irreproachable nature of a living, curious, being. Perhaps now, you will understand why my appearances have lately been so sparse, and why I seem to not care at all about my occasional disappearances. I am going on my own way, to better myself, to give time to those things that make this life worth living.


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