Suppose I was suddenly plunged back into that time where we both stood with our bodies against the balustrade.. Late at night, the winds are chilly, and from below rises a blurry cloud of chatter. Suppose, I dropped your phone after I kept joking that I might just let it slip and fall onto the soft, rubber ground below.. And then, I would turn to you, your face now aghast, and ask you if.. Would things have gone differently? Or would it all collapse, a single dream, like a star collapsing into emptiness? Tomorrow, I could be meeting you; we could be going out to that nice place at Dempsey, and after dinner, we’d sit under a secluded bough and talk about the stars. Tomorrow, I could be staying at home; picking up my book and reading it, or going to my computer to watch some games, and sometime during the day, I might imagine you leading your own separate life. Tomorrow, I could be springing out of bed and dashing towards the morning sun, and from the side of the billboard would emerge your face, half-flushed with radiance. It’s a pity that time only permits us one chance at everything – all our lives, we will never know what it would be like to have led the “or”.


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