Spoke to a big shot

I’ve never been a very impressive person. Whenever I meet someone, that person will likely forget me within the next few days. There simply aren’t qualities, manifest in my demeanor, that can so impress upon an acquaintance. So yesterday, when I talked with a Head manager, I imagined, after he asked for my name, that some days later, he would have forgotten me. And if I met him, say on Monday, walking along the stretches of the office, I might just look down at my feet, and he’ll pass me without even recognizing a hint of my features. Perhaps, it has to do with the way I look; my friends often remark to me that I look like this person, or that person, or some other person. Essentially, I have a very common face. And that makes it all the more difficult for people to remember me. But that can’t be changed, and so I’ll not talk about it anymore. What about character? Perhaps my character too is plebeian. I talk about all the things that other people will talk about, the trivial things, the polite conversation starters, the banal questions to follow them up, and so on. But at least I told him of my dream of becoming a professor in Philosophy; I don’t think he hears that a lot; though I think his mind had interest in other things.


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