I’d gladly die for you, my love?

If you loved someone so very much, and that someone loved you equally, would you give up your life for that person? I don’t think I will. And it’s not because I’m being selfish, but because I think it’s the right thing to do. If you died so that your loved one could live, what would become of her? Would she not moan for days and days and drown herself in the tears of sleepless nights, where the cushion beside her grows cold in the silent winds? There is nothing magnanimous in dying for someone you love, and who loves you. You do not experience your death; for upon it, there is no more you. It is those other people around you, whom have become intimately acquainted with your life, that experience your death, and suffer your absence. Dying for someone who loves you, regardless of whether you have saved her life, is the most selfish thing anyone can do. Do you understand now? So stop saying that you will die for someone you love, because it simply makes no sense. Say instead, that you would rather they pass on first, so that you can bear the pain, and they would have gone peacefully away.


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