Why I am doing nothing

It’s true that I’ve done nothing, and people will complain about me not doing anything; and they will ask for help because I’m not doing anything. Sadly, I will continue doing nothing, for I see in this endeavor nothing to be gained. And those people complaining about me doing nothing will continue to wonder why it is that I am so indolent; doing nothing when once I was such a diligent and responsible person. Times change I suppose, and so do human beings. I never expected myself to reach this trying point. I have always preached the part about being responsible and about doing something even if you don’t feel like it, because it matters not just to yourself but to others as well. That was what my motivation hinged entirely on. And now it’s lost. I feel more and more that I am not required, that my opinions will only lead to a uneasy shifts and perturbed silences. That is why I am doing nothing. And I will continue doing nothing. Maybe I’ll look for something to do elsewhere. But not on these lands – these lands are scorched. My¬†peregrination has been long one, and alas, I leave the circle.


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