Conversation in the shadows

You ought to know that I had deliberately left out telling you of my waning spirit. I haven’t been doing what you told me to do, nor have I spoken to any of those persons whom you recommended I speak to the last time we met. And you must have assumed, since you hardly hinted at the whole situation, that I have long had it resolved. The truth is I haven’t; and as you spoke with passion about all those things which was once mine too to hold, I could not have felt anymore distracted. But I acted as if everything was alright, as if I really believed in what you said, because I just didn’t want to ruin the mood. Had I spoken the truth, things would have nowhere; we’d be going in circles, each arguing against an unfathomable wall. We talked a little about that, didn’t we – that some minds are made to disagree eternally? I suppose that’s just us then. But still, I won’t tell you. Some truths are better kept in the shadow.


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