The incomplete man

How is it that some weeks ago, I combed my hair to the right and felt entirely convinced that this particular comb suited me best, and now, it seems to me all wrong and messy and utterly incongruent with the rest of my head? How things change so quickly; how fleeting is satisfaction! A man may be so satisfied with one thing, and in the next moment it leaves him – the thing he once loved is absolved of all its lustre, and he is left wondering why he ever loved it in the first place. We seem cursed to never find the ‘right’ way of living, or the ‘right’ way of being ourselves. We may think for a while, in a burst of elation, that whatever we have discovered is in fact that which we have been searching for our entire lives. Perhaps for some time, we can enjoy that feeling of completeness. But the human nature is such that nothing can ever complete it.


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