Forget me

It happens every once in a while, that words just flow into my mind and so too are my thoughts particularly well arranged, and I cannot help but to write everything down. And I write it here because it’s so easy – and I suppose, one can’t reject the offer of giving one’s words the opportunity to be read. For what are words if not for others? Also, I should apologize to whoever has me on their feed for the occasional flurry of posts, most of which hardly concerns them; and neither are they entertaining or informative. I have tried to mitigate the horrors that spill from these sudden spells – by searching for a function that prevents my posts from appearing on feeds. But nothing works. The only is to block a follower, which is rude, I suppose. Please, then, do not think it any impoliteness to stop following this blog. I hate most to bother people with my writings.


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