To whom I seldom talk with

When you asked me just now that question, and I hesitated for quite some time before giving a very vague response, know that I acted in a way that perfectly reflected my disposition. I was hesitant in giving an answer because the right answer, the answer you were expecting, didn’t agree with my beliefs. I believed entirely otherwise, and to have given you the answer you sought would be to lie to you – and about something so divine! I am not a beguiler and have no intention of becoming one. But perhaps you had sensed that something was amiss, since a question like that should not have taken so long to receive an answer. It was part of a joke of course, but that hardly pardons my hesitation.. Or maybe, you really did believe the excuse I gave upon my sounding unusually hesitant, and this matter is really no matter at all. Let’s leave this all behind. No use overthinking things.


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