What about me?

Somehow, whatever the time and place, a discussion about one of ourselves will always slither into the conversation. And this got me wondering, whenever I am absent, if I too get thrown into the ring. What do people say about me? Perhaps there is nothing to say about me since I am such a boring person. Or maybe I am very careless with my nature and present it naked to everyone, insofar that no one will bother conceiving anymore thoughts about me. Or maybe there opinions which I have never imagined before. And if I heard them, then I’d be so surprised; perhaps I’d be thinking: Is that person that they’re talking about really me? How is it that I could not see that in myself before? I’m tempted now to ask one of us, if this is really true, if people are saying things about me without my knowing – and it doesn’t have to be nasty things. Most of the time, we speak as objectively and fairly as we can, and sometimes, we even praise. I am curious, I really am.


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