On studying philosophy

People are sometimes surprised that I’ve involved myself in the financial industry when just two years ago I had left my studies in somewhat close relative, accountancy, to read something closer to heart, philosophy. And they’d ask: Whatever has finance got to do with philosophy? Sometimes with a subtle implication of finance being the ‘antagonist’ and philosophy being the ‘protagonist’. Most people don’t understand that philosophy isn’t like most other subjects. It doesn’t mean that when you study philosophy, you’re bound to it forever; as if the only path left to take is to become an academic and spin more novel arguments from the multifarious tomes of wisdom. Philosophy merely shares with you a way of living and of think. It implants in you a habit of observing and reflecting, of questioning and understanding, doubting and allaying. These skills can be treated to anything. And this is precisely why I always have no answer for those who ask me what I wish to do in the future, particularly with a degree in philosophy. So I tell them, everything and nothing.


2 thoughts on “On studying philosophy

  1. I love that answer to people who ask what in the world you would do with a philosophy degree.

    I would like to double major in philosophy . . . might as well, I’m taking enough philosophy for it. And I agree, it’s a way to perceive the world other than just the face value of things. And even if it’s all pointless in the end, at least you enjoyed the thought of it all while it lasted, that’s how I see it lol.

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    • Yeah, that’s the thing. When you’re reading it, it all seems so useless; i mean, what’s Heidegger’s concept of Dasein or Sartre’s definition of consciousness ever going to do for us other than make a slightly interesting 3-minute conversation. But in the end, you find that somehow philosophy has changed you, and for better. You see things that few other people see. Most importantly, when studying philosophy, is just to be open I guess – it’s given you a sturdy body, so all that’s left is to climb the mountains.


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