What is a miracle?

Normally people say that it is something that occurs, which otherwise (had circumstances been different, or insufficient supplications made) would not have occurred – the impossible has happened! But according to who? Us. And are we not so lacking in our knowledge. To claim that the occurrence of that event was truly impossible is akin to saying that one has gathered all the information in the universe, down to the skin of the atom, the heart of matter itself, and known all there is to know about the elements contained in it. And by that proud swing of the mind, one proclaims: That it should happen is impossible! The veritable explanation is that we were wrong, and there was indeed an infinitesimal chance of the event happening. Now, then, seeing as there is no way of this, they might twist the definition of ‘miracle’. They will say that a miracle does not refer to the occurring of an event which is absolutely incapable of manifestation; rather, to one that has a very, very small chance of occurring. And when that happens, who do they allude it to? Certainly not the chaos, the compounded chaos, who most deserves the title.


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