I am not the person you think I am – and perhaps this what disquiets me. For when you do come to find out who I really am, you may feel incredibly betrayed. You will ask: who was it that I was speaking to and sharing all my thoughts? The unfortunate truth is: a mask. But it’s not that the person you see is entirely devoid of me; it’s just that a crucial part of me is missing. That is why sometimes, when you and all the rest are speaking, I keep very silent. I am letting my mind wander to where it would not find reason to become spiteful. Yet, despite our differences, I particularly enjoy the company. You, all of you, are genuinely nice people, and possessing as nearly much foolishness as I do. So I worry, that as soon as I reveal who I truly am, that my actions are not quite representative of my inclinations, a rift shall emerge between us. And I will have no choice but to relinquish this part of my life.


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