So I took everything that I ever learnt and I tossed it into a well, and on the mouth of the well, I laid a heavy stone cover, so that I will never have to see what’s inside again. And I moved far, far away, taking all my belongings with me, while leaving those unnecessary ones behind. On the road, I met a stranger whose face was darkened by a large hood. He came up to me and told me that down this path, there is an apple tree on which grows the most crimson apples, and he warned me not to eat them. When I arrived at the apple tree, a magnificent hunk of bark spreading fan-like into a cascade of dark green, I remembered what the stranger had said to me. He had told me to not eat those apples which hung enticingly on the tree. But I ate them anyway, because I just didn’t care. Now, something has happened to me; something I can’t describe, because my senses have gone all hazy. Maybe, the stranger was right, and the apples weren’t good for me, or maybe I’m just slipping into a dream.


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