If I cannot recall anything from when I was a toddler, still fumbling around in a soft cotton cot, does it mean that that toddler was not me? It was someone else out of which emerged the present me. What consists of a person’s identity? The body, the soul, or the consciousness? Suppose if you woke up one day and found yourself in a body of a parrot, yet still being able to think and speak as you had when you were in your human body. Would you still be considered you? You would surely think that you are you; only that some freak accident has happened and you ended up in the body of a parrot. This means that consciousness is a condition for identity. You are you only insofar as you are conscious of yourself. Then what about memory? Does identity consists of memory as well? You have only been fashioned into the person you are, with certain habits, certain modes of thinking, certain likes and dislikes, dispositions, character traits, demeanor, only because the past experiences have fashioned you as such. Do those past experiences then constitute personal identity? Or maybe we’re beginning to talk on two different lines now. This is all getting very confusing. I’ll need some sleep.


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