Indeed, when you have nothing to say, it is better to say nothing at all; rather than to ramble in such manners that are ceaseless and nonsensical, and that will lead people to never hear what you have to say again. Because they’ll know that every time they open their ears to your words, all they will hear are frivolities, information that do nothing for them. And that is why it always better to just keep quiet. And when you genuinely have something to say, then people might just listen to you.

On another note, it is interesting how our style of writing can change so easily. Perhaps once, when we were free to read novels and poems under the afternoon sun, we wrote with metaphors and alliterations and always hid our truest intentions behind cascades of smooth-sounding words. But now, because we have had no time for that, and because our work demands that we write straightforwardly, so do our writings become banal, but nonetheless clear of course. It’s all about clarity. That’s what we told ourselves; throw away that glittery language, the world doesn’t want to see that, no one bothers trying to understand that anyway. And so now it’s lost, like a stroke you just forgot how to swing.


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