The imaginary construction of a person

Supposing while in our upward climb to that salubrious peak, there was a constant and insuperable distance between us, such that we would never have been given the chance to speak. Perhaps, at the top, where the area is small, we would have crossed paths, but crossed each other so quickly that only a cordial smile was permitted. Supposing then that we came down during the evening, the sunlight receding, people packing onto the buses and we find nothing amiss, since we had met with no one especial on the climb up. We go back to separate hotels because one hotel could not hold so many guests. And a day later, we get on the plane and go home. Supposing all this had happened, what memory of each other would have remained in our minds? I cannot speak of the representation of myself in your mind, but I can speak of what you represented. Now perhaps, I might recall you as simply the girl with the turquoise-colored hair, who was kind with her smiles and who was for the most parts quiet. I might also imagine that you were only quiet because there was no circumstance given to incite your verbosity or enthusiasm; and that in your habitat, you are likely more talkative and energetic. How different you are from the ‘you’ which I had constructed out of those little bits of observation and deduction – what a different impression of a person I might have had, and what a mirage I might have been seeking!



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