A wild encounter

You ask me how I know all these things, which you have never told me before? Perhaps you are little disturbed by this fact – I would be too. But listen to me just for a moment, and maybe things will start making sense to you. I have in fact, incredulous as it might sound, met with you several times already. And every time, we meet at this restaurant, at this time, wearing the same clothes, being served by the same waiter, and eating the same foo- oh no, I have been eating differently, so pardon me. You might be wondering if what I am telling you now is not complete nonsense as you should have learnt from conversations on the phone. But this is the truth. I can present you more facts about yourself if you so wish to verify the integrity of my claims. For instance, I know that you had a pet hamster once, which you named after a Disney princess. But let us skip that tedious part; I have repeated them so many times that repeating them anymore is frustrating. Just believe me this once. After the first iteration of our meeting, I was given the chance to repeat the meeting until I succeeded in satisfying you. Each time, I try something different; I ask you different questions, tell you different jokes, behave differently, commend you on your different elements, I dress differently, put on different shoes; there was even once, I tried wearing what you had worn; but all the time I failed – you left feeling dissatisfied. So finally, I got so sick of trying that I just decided, what’s the harm of telling you everything that is really happening; since if I fail again, things will just repeat themselves.


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