Sweetest dreams

The problem with having such vivid, pleasant dreams is that when you awake, you continue to long for them; you wish that somehow those dreams would manifest in reality, and you could feel the heartbeats of joy just as you had in those brief, ethereal moments. Yesterday, I dreamt that we were going to take a plane back to Singapore; and we were contemplating whether we should, since the weather at the place we were at was cool and breezy and sunny. Then at the counter, I realised that I had forgotten to buy a ticket, upon which you immediately handed the counter-lady yours, asking her to copy the details written there. I leaned in on you and smiled, attempting to communicate a gratitude invisible to words. I’m not sure what we were at that time, but whatever the case, it didn’t matter. I felt happy. Even if it were all self-deception, I would still be happy; because I want nothing more than to experience being in the brink of love – is that not the pinnacle of human happiness?


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