Never had I peace in reading

I have made many poor decisions in my life; in fact, my entire life consists of poor decisions, insomuch that it can be likened to a vessel built from the flotsam of poor decisions. Presently, I am contemplating if the decision to leave a good business school and pick up the learning of philosophy was a poor one. Everyone else probably thinks that it is an unquestionably poor decision; even those who with a cordial smile tell you that choosing something you love is never wrong. And sometimes, when I am reading my philosophy papers, and find a series of abstractions that no amount of twisting can bring to move the real world, I too come to believe that I have made a poor decision. It is a grave for which I have dug myself and into which I descend without hesitancy; but with only the blind confidence that following one’s dream is never wrong. This age does not permit us to follow our dreams – we are born to adhere to the dreams of society, to comply to their demands, to fashion ourselves according to their schemata, or else face eviction and the nameless woes of poverty.


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