Some more substantial thoughts

Pleasure, friendship, renown; these things mean nothing to the dead. Thus, it should not have mattered to Morley that Michelson had received a Nobel prize, whereas he did not, even though both had an indispensable part in devising the experiment. Likewise, should a person devote all his life to a piece of work, only to have its importance acknowledged after his death, it shall be to him as if he had squandered his life away on things that did not matter, and that he fell into his grave with a thousand irresolute regrets. We commemorate the dead only for our own selfish pleasures.

Some people talk as if China bothers about what is the right thing to do. They don’t. So as long as they have the upper-hand, a leverage on the multitudes of businesses in Singapore, and with America fumbling in its own mess, they shall do as they please; however unethical or bloated with irrational pride their actions may be. That is the nature of the world now – no one cares about right or wrong, whether actions are injurious to others or not; I should only concern about my own states of affair. Forget trying to force an admission of wrongdoing out of a behemoth. For it is him who wields a massive club. Words of indignation means nothing in the face of a real threat.

Love is nothing more than a name given to a disposition born of our instinct to survive. The greatest weapon the human being possesses is his cunning and resourcefulness; this is what allows him to dominate all the other species. But the young human being is foolish and will likely walk into his death should not his elders stop him and lecture him to not do so. The feeling of love is thus evoked to keep the parents to their child, and by way, teach him how to employ the human intellect, which is their ultimate weapon for survival. Without love, or the feeling of attachment, the parent would leave the child, and very soon, the human species would cease to exist. Love is also present in reproduction. I imagine that the feeling of infatuation, as we call it, is quite similar to the feeling experience by animals when they are attracted to one another. Love is not a psychically irreducible something; it is merely an expression for the chemical processes that guide us to survival.


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