You shall find that we are quite different people. The things we do and the things we write are vastly different; I shall never write the things that you do, and neither shall you (as I gather from your writings) write the things that I do. Even our conversations might encounter difficulties, since you will always want to talk about something that doesn’t interest me, whereas I am always trying to avoid talking about what you wish so dearly to. Then maybe you’ll tell your parents that I am quite different from what you had imagined, and they will be surprised to hear it too, since I have always impressed myself upon them as any person whose inclinations are similar to yours and theirs; insofar as they have never thought to ask me about my inclinations or enquire into my state of affairs. And when all of this happens, when the truth comes to light, the character bared, what will be of us? This is why our adventures should remain cloistered in dreams.

Confession of a Feng Shui Master: In truth, kid, I have never understood why people believe me; even the really smart ones, they would willing pay good money to here me speak about where to place their pots of flower or in which direction to face their door, or whether or not they should take business risks in the coming year. It’s all bogus. I made them up all by myself and I should know that it is bogus. I simply happened to be quite lucky as a younger practitioner; most of the instructions I happened to give out were very well received, and fortunately, by some very wealthy businessmen. And from then on, they would always take my word as law; even though sometimes my suggestions did nothing for them.


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