The emotion we call ‘love’

Is nothing but a part of our survival toolkit. The young human being is foolish, and foolish enough to get himself killed very swiftly. In fact, he may not even require a predator for his demise, since he is likely incapable of gathering food and water for himself. The hunger and thirst shall come in pangs, and he will only wonder, wailing, why the nature of his strange species is such that they require sustenance. This is why the young human being needs a parent. The parent must prohibit his foolishness and instruct him the ways of gathering food and water. The parent is also responsible for teaching the young human being how to employ his greatest weapon: his intelligence. This weapon shall easily overcome the fangs and talons of the other wild beasts, and make up for the lack of any physical talents which may guard him against the tantrums of nature. All this is only possible if the parent feels for his or her child. For the young human being is foolish, and teaching him will require a tremendous amount of patience and dedication. If we had not the disposition to feel something towards our kin, our species would quickly dwindle. Indeed, this can similarly be applied to the human being’s need for cooperation and society, for company and procreation.



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