The copywriter

Of course I can write well – I’m a copywriter; writing is what I do for a living. If I couldn’t write well, then I wouldn’t be a copywriter; I wouldn’t be able to earn any money, since my writings would no different from any other person who has the barest grasp of the language, and no company would want to pay me money to write. If I couldn’t write, what would I do – I’d probably be a good for nothing loafer; I’d be loafing around, asking people if I could help them in anything, and then pleading for a small sum of money. That’s what I’d be doing if I couldn’t write, because writing is probably all that I can do well. So yes, if you notice a difference in your writing and mine, a difference in caliber as it might be called, you should not be the least surprised. I am a copywriter; I write for a living. That’s the standard you ought to expect from a person who writes for a living, from a copywriter. And supposing you found my writings less exemplary, non-astonishing, plebeian, just like anything you could have written, then perhaps you’d think I was a liar; that I was lying about my profession. Or maybe that the people in my profession really aren’t all that good in writing; that anyone, even yourself, could be a writer, a copywriter, if only you paid more attention to what you wrote, be a little more careful with your tenses and a little more picky with your words. It’s true that anyone could become a writer; you just need to read a few books, read them with diligence and thought, and practice writing a number of times in a week, and in no time you’ll be as good as I am; you’ll become competent enough to be a copywriter.


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