Did you know

I was wondering to myself yesterday, as I climbed the staircase to where the auditorium was, why I had decided to sign up as a student ambassador again. It’s barely worth a glance one the resume, and so I really shouldn’t be wasting time on such activities. Then I saw you. And like a sudden gust, I remembered everything. I remembered last year, when we were both talking after the day was over. Our feet were sore and we were sitting on the granite slab just beyond the decorative pond. I asked you if you knew whether the human eye could see more shades of green than any other color, to which you responded with fascination and then a minor skepticism – you weren’t sure if I was being serious or not. I told you the explanation for it, and that seemed to evaporate some of your skepticism. Later on, after we had signed on the sheets of paper indicating the end of our duty, everyone dispersed. I was waiting alone at the bus stop when I saw you approaching. You were going to throw away an empty bottle; but keenly, I knew that it was only an excuse to come and speak with me for the last time. You came up to me and asked some banal questions – as if to simply afloat the conversation. But I didn’t it at all. In fact, it was quite pleasurable speaking to you. Then, my bus came, and we waved each other goodbye: see you next year. And that was the end of it. It wouldn’t be until many months later, at a graduation ceremony, that I saw you again. Although that time, we didn’t have the chance to speak.

So yesterday when I saw you as I entered the auditorium, I wasn’t sure if I should tap you on the shoulder and say hello. I think you saw me first, but quickly turned around to talk to your friends; as if shyly waiting for me to go up to you. So I did. And you spun around so very swiftly, before I could even settle the weight of my finger on your shoulder. You brightened with delight and surprise, and so did I. You talked about your having gone to Canada last semester, and about taking a module called “Mind, Matter, and God”, and also asked if I had any more of those ‘fun-facts’. I don’t remember much else of the conversation; I suppose I was too distracted by you and by the strange force of attraction that seemed to suspend between us.


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