On leaving a job I never worked

It’s final – I no longer am one of them. Ah, to speak of them as if they were such bad people, living ill-determined lives. Most of them are very friendly people actually. Some of them even appear to be genuinely nice people. As I was waiting to hand in the final form, a lady came out from the office and asked me who I was waiting for and whether I needed any help. I told her another lady, whom should be here quite shortly. She smiled and went ahead into the timely elevator. After I had handed in a form, a man also from the office..

This isn’t the point. The point is that I have always seen these people as lost to materialism and its many-faced opulence. All they seem to talk about are the spoils of their work and the hollow trophies they bestowed upon them by their gods. And as if the reward itself were not enough, they would have to transpire their ‘victories’ in public spheres, crying out to everyone: Look at me here – look how successful I’ve become! And they would be leaning of the gloss of their new cars, or holding up wine glasses in a sparkling ballroom, dressed in their tight-fitting suits, and of course, making sure to capture their names on the screen.

Now, maybe you’re thinking that this all is quite regular; that business people do it all the time, and that I really shouldn’t be this nasty person trying to put a bad name to the happiness of others. But if you were there among them, just as I was, you will see that my words are not exaggerations; and nor are they petty expressions of envy. When you are there among them, those people, you will find that many of them enjoy, and enjoy too much, the facade of professionalism. They want to look good; they want to look as if they were doing something noble, and yet something of equal prestige to the cinema notion of ‘investment bankers’. They walk around and walk past you as if they were better, or with that spirit of wanting to exceed you. They claim to ‘care’ for their customers, but I find this difficult to believe when all their other talk circles around money and awards for earning more money.

I am firmly convicted that most people only go in there because they hear that it is easy to make money; that’s the whole charm of the industry – or at least, that it certainly how they entice the bored people on the streets. So everywhere you go, you’ll see a bunch of those purblind hopefuls, snatching the attention of a passerby every now and then, and asking them a series of banal questions before revealing their greed. Sometimes when one of them comes up to me, I stop and talk to them. I answer patiently the question they put to me. Sometimes they fumble, but I understand, because I too would be fumbling. Then, it usually happens that my bus arrives before they can get to the ‘selling’ part, and so I look to them with pity and tell them I have to leave.


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