The bogey monster

A friend told me that she thinks of herself as a nasty person. That was after I had remarked on how nice a person she normally comes across as. How much I wanted to tell her that I thought of myself in the exact same way!

You must have heard some while ago about the bogey monster that comes trampling through the streets at night, causing lots of noise and waking up the shallow-eyed sleepers. My neighbour was the first to get tired of it, and decided to try and subdue it. He gathered a few brave men from the different walks, lanes and avenues, and one night hid together beneath a drain cover. Sure enough the bogey monster showed up, as vociferous as his nature usually demands. And as the bogey monster stepped onto the drain cover, the five brave men pulled away the latches that held the cover firm, and the bogey monster fell right in. I don’t think we ever saw the bogey monster again. But neither did we ever find out what had happened to those five brave men.


I think I’ve nearly torn myself away completely.


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