Whose name is

I think I am too involved in life; too immersed in the experiences of the day. I must disassociate myself once more. Only then can I have a clearer sense of what is going on. I seem to always be lost doing something.

For a moment just now I felt attracted to a girl whose name is… I suppose that is partly the cause of the attraction. Can you believe that? – that I found her attractive because of her name. Supposing she had been named differently, would I still be attracted to her? Probably not as much. Of course, this is not to say that there is nothing pleasing about her character. She is a very nice person, friendly, appreciative of good humour, of my humour – which is important because it is what affords us pursuants the confidence we need. I recall the first time I met her, I had not yet learnt of her name, and I found her slightly attractive already. But I quickly gave up the idea because I thought…

How is it that a name can make a person so attractive? Perhaps it is because I was once attracted to girl with that name, but never did manage to advance my interest; and so I was left longing for someone like her.



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