Dreams of fantasy

  1. There were examinations being had in the library. I think I did particularly badly for one of the papers. For some reason, I needed to return to the library, for which we would have to fill up a slip of paper and hand it to a grumpy old lady. I tried to sneak in, but the lady caught me quite quickly. She grabbed hold of my front collar and dragged to where the forms were. I began filling it up as she instructed, word by word. Somehow, I couldn’t spell properly and kept fumbling with my pen. Then I made a joke about the little swing gate; about how it was too large or too small, and everyone in the library laughed. Even the grumpy old lady herself was laughing.
  2. The examination had concluded and I was thoroughly disappointed, although I could barely feel the bludgeoning of my disappointment. Poe and I were deciding which bus stop was closer to where we were, and whether there were buses that could take us home. We decided eventually on the one ‘behind’ – behind what I do not know. We had to walk through the void deck of a tall building. As we were passing, some group of boys started approaching us. I immediately sensed hostility. They came to taunt us. I don’t remember if they had demanded anything else from us. But somehow I scared them off.
  3. We were trapped in large, lavish house. We needed to escape to somewhere, but outside there were zombies. We were just about to head off when Clara felt dizzy and ill, and fell to the ground. The others wanted to leave her behind, but I said we couldn’t. I called out to her, but she wouldn’t respond. So I heaved her onto my back and slung her arms over my shoulders. Instinctively, I knew that I would not have the strength to run with her weight on my back. Which was why I secretly made a request to the dream agent, hoping that they’ll lighten her. But as I took a step forward, I still felt the weight. I trudged forward and up a hill. Some zombies could already be seen. They staggered towards me and Clara, but did nothing to us. Instead they looked at us curiously as though there were something amiss.
  4. An old lady is seen sitting on the steps beyond which was a small but deep pond. Her two aqua-dogs were diving to the bottom where lied a peculiar plant. At the bottom, they were picking out any flower that grew. One of them picked out a flower whose color was not like the rest; it was dark and ghostly. When the aqua-dog brought it up to surface and placed it into the hands of the old lady, the flower seemed to have vanished. The old lady, reminded the dog with the affection of a gentle aunt, that she did not want flowerless stalks. The dog brought it back down in the water. But, behold, as soon as the stalk was submerged, the flower re-appeared, dark and ghostly as before. It was then a 7-seater car came into the drive way. Some little girls came running out as soon as the doors were opened. One of them looked disgruntled. It was a much younger Clara!
  5. And so swiftly did I realize the purpose of my entire dream.

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