From a world behind the world

Unbeknownst to me, I have disappeared to a world behind the real world. In this world behind the world, I see everything that can be seen in the real world, except I cannot interact with anything; and nothing will interact with me either. I go to my email inbox, where on a bustling weekday, there ought to be new emails. There are none. Then on my messenger apps, no one is talking, even though there seems to be so much to talk about these days. Every part of the real world seem to have forgotten about me. Either I have never existed, or the ceasing of existence meant nothing to them. It does not matter now that I am here, since it is peaceful here; I am free to drift around and think about those tasks which require thinking – a great deal of thinking! In fact, so much thinking that I got so tired of it and lay flat on my belly. I think that was when precisely I fell into this pseudo-world. Existence here is all the same as in the one before. Which leads one to wonder if he is still in the real world after all.


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