Across the road

Yesterday, I came down from the bus –  it was already quite late then – and I turned around to look at the bus stop at the opposite side of the road. I imagined that you might have been sitting there, and at the instant I turned to look, you would have glanced up too, and our eyes would meet. Then we’d wave at each other, though we could not say anything to each other, but only smile. And suddenly, you would signal for me to wait. I would watch perplexedly as you hurried over; now towards the stairs of the overhead bridge, and now across the bridge itself; and I’d grow more and more excited. Finally you arrive at my feet and you apologize for coming up to me at so late an hour. Then you start to weep and you tell me that you have lost it all; you have lost your faith. Could I have believed that any of it was true?


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