You think you are capable of upsetting me? oh certainly not. How could you be – you a stranger with whom I have had the most trivial interactions with and for whom I have not yet accorded respect – how could a person like yourself, a speck on my radar, a gust in my storm, possibly upset me? I’m just here to have fun. That’s what I believe life is about. Fun is all you should aim to have. In everything you do, just fun. If your fun comes at the expense of someone else’s fun and you do not feel any compunction, then go ahead and compromise the poor lad’s fun. He deserved any way. What am I saying. I’m not a bad person really. I have a good heart and my conscience is clear. No one has ever had any real and lasting ill-will against me. But if they would perhaps come to know of the demons stirring within, of the scissors ready to snap, the thorns aching to sting – perhaps then they might bear some ill-will against me; but behold, how well I conceal everything. Everyday I wear a mask, and I go around talking to people, smiling, laughing, coaxing laughter out of their sordid morning faces. I am a ball of joy.


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