Why do you always hide behind your monitor? It’s large enough to cover you whole, so that whenever I would look over my shoulder, I could never know if you were there or not. This is why, often in the evenings, when everyone begins to leave their nests, and I steal a glance across the room, I will not know if you have left or not. So, desperately, I stand up, pretending to stretch my languorous limbs, and I look over one more time; and you are always not there. Anyway, I could not have gone off even if I wanted to, since I always have work waiting to be finished. But on Friday, for once, there was no task left on the desk, and for once, I could leave early; whenever I wished. So I looked behind me, and the tragedy – you were still so busy; everyone was crowding around you pointing at the screen and moving their mouths in a perspicuous fashion. I waited for about 15 minutes before there was no reason left for me to stay, and had to leave. I walked briskly past your table, and you were still buried in the work.

Perhaps a greater tragedy is realising that my destiny is a lie – what? How could a man’s destiny be a lie?


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