A protagonist

If you’re going to start to write a story, you’ll have have to have a good protagonist; preferably one you can relate to – but that sounds odd, doesn’t it – one should necessarily be able to relate to his creation? Never mind that. So you’ll have to have a good protagonist; someone who is interesting, but not just interesting; he will also have to be queer, because people enjoy an interesting queer much more than a charming interesting. This means that you would have to be queer yourself in order to fashion a protagonist who is similarly queer. But ask yourself: is your queer an interesting queer or a repulsive queer? People generally don’t like reading about repulsive queers; for the very reason that they are named ‘repulsive queers’ – but of course, that’s not the real reason why they are repulsive – obviously, it’s something in their character that makes them repulsive.


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