Someone came to tell me something quite excitedly, and he must have thought it’d come as a surprise to me; but the truth was, I already knew about the matter. Still, I responded with surprise, because I thought that was what he was expecting, and it’s not nice to fail someone’s expectations. So I acted as if I was thoroughly surprised by what he was telling me, and I even beckoned him to tell me more, to elaborate on all the details I already knew. And I nodded my head eagerly at every wave of information that came from him. After about a minute, I felt a little bored, but nonetheless kept up the appearance of being interested. I told him that I had to leave to somewhere, and that I should like to hear more of the matter whenever we met again – would you believe that – that I would corner myself into something I had no interest in, just to appease another person?

It’s hot outside. The common man would say it’s sweltering, and he would say it with a feigned air of sophistication. But the common man does not know that he is being childish; ‘sweltering’ is a word for the juveniles, for those who have just been taught by blind teachers that a good essay must necessarily contain big words, obscured synonyms of the much simpler, comprehensible ones. I know of one such man in my work place, and I have very little respect for him, even though he is at a much higher position than I am at, and has achieved very much more – the reasons for which elude me entirely. He is the sort of man who places a motivational sticker (the all too hackneyed kind) at the corner of his desk, and who would not dare do anything more than the instructions. Pray, tell me, how a man like this rises to the higher rungs. Maybe I’m just being bitter.


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