A destiny

Someone came up to me and told me that I had to do such and such. I went ahead to perform exactly the opposite of what I was told just to see what would happen. Naturally, one would expect the instructor to be upset, even angry, at a blatant refusal of instructions. Instead, the person, having learnt of what I had done, came up to me and said to me this: of all the people to whom I told the instructions, only you followed it correctly. The truth of the matter was, he expected us to do precisely the opposite of what he had instructed.

When i was asked why I wanted the job, I replied that it was my destiny to become a great copywriter. The interviewer, slightly baffled, asked how I knew that it was my destiny. I told him that all men, as soon as their sight is cleared, will come to know of their destiny; it is like a calling in the heart that one cannot close oneself off to. And then he asked what if I were wrong; what if, like those mental patients, I was actually hearing voices inside, and these voices were formed of fancies and fantasies and the whole lot of fantastical experiences. I said that I could not be wrong; one cannot be wrong about so strong a calling; the call of destiny in short, is knowable simply by its force. He nodded his head in acquiescence and finally asked: If you are so sure that it is your destiny to become a great copywriter, why do anything at all; why come for this interview at all; why pine for this job at all; might one not, knowing that it his destiny, simply sit at home in an armchair and wait to be fetched in destiny’s glorious arms?


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