A man of justice

It occurred to me just a while ago that I am not, as was professed, an agent of chaos; I am rather a man of justice. That is the truth, the indefatigable truth – I am quintessential justice. It occurred to me just now because I had wanted to play a trick on a driver (pretending to want to cross the road, and as soon as he would stop, to walk away deliberately). But instead, he came to a stop at the junction seeing as I might want to cross, and I could not help but to wave him to pass; for that demonstration of public consideration was to me something I could not defile. Thus I realised that I could not always generate chaos; I could only generate chaos in the face of nonsense, of people who lived without reason, who walk about stupidly and naively and yet not know about it, people who are unreasonable, who are mean, who like to gloat, who think they are above the rest; those are the people I would gladly bring chaos and frustration to – how laughable they are when something goes wrong and they start about like a blind man swatting at leaves he thinks are flies.



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