If you think that the ant-eater will come to rescue your plants, then you’re sorely mistaken. That’s because ant-eaters are incapable of rescuing fauna. Which gets you wondering why you had even hoped for ant-eaters coming to rescue your plants. Certainly, your plants were in a terrible condition, the leaves were full of holes and every root was being violated by fungus. And perhaps in your desperation, you turned to the ant-eater. You heard the tale from a gardener who once helped you tend to your plants; he told you that you really didn’t need his services if only you had an ant-eater. And so that idea must have gotten stuck in your head, so deeply that you could never really forget it, and whenever the chance presents itself for this idea to be used, the idea rises to the surface as does an urchin from the darkest trenches. Why are we even talking about ant-eaters? They don’t exist anymore.


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