Surely, surely, they cannot think that I am a lazy-bones. What reason would they have for thinking me a lazy-bones – oh, this, this three days of non-work because I’d fallen ill, terribly ill, and those three days last week because of a family tragedy would give them good reason for thinking so. But I am an honest person, am I not? And I have even requested for more work in the office because I had gotten so bored, and boredom hampers the stride of time, and the stride of time is most important to the man who is bored. What an irony. But never mind the irony; what I want to talk about is myself, and why I am not a lazy-bones. I am not a lazy-bones because I know it. My motto is: The work, the work, the work. That might sound familiar to you. Or not. Doesn’t matter. But the point is, I am not a lazy-bones. I am a hard worker, and I work ceaselessly towards my destiny. And my destiny is in this industry. Is that all so hard to understand? Must I prove myself once more, when I return, that I am not a lazy-bones, that I am a diligent man, an aspiring man, the man who seeks to overcome all.


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