Worst flu I’ve ever had

Caught a flu recently. Maybe not recently – about one week ago. Had it mild then, and thought I’d quickly recover from it as I usually do from these sorts of plebeian illnesses. You see, I always take cold showers during the nights. They say that taking cold showers like those will strengthen your immunity; and indeed, in last half year since I began this routine, I have barely fallen into a bad, persistent ill. So I believed that I was healthy and impervious to the microscopic demons of the air. And thus on Friday, after having a nice lunch at an Italian restaurant with the folks, and after I felt a little tingle in the throat after I got home (we had some fried calamari), I thought: here’s another test (which I shall swiftly overcome). But I did not get better. Through the weekend, I was bound to the couch by a weighty headache. And just when I thought I had recovered on Monday, it got worse on Tuesday evening. I came home to find the living room unbalanced on its toes. I sunk onto the floor, stared up into the five concave reflections above me, and wondered if that was what the world looked like to flies. Today, Friday, the illness is still inside of me. I woke up this morning with a congested nose and throat, but thankfully without a painful head. And presently, as I am writing, I am still ill; half my nose refuses to permit air and every now and then, a tickle tries to coax a jerk from my throat.


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