Green, green

The air, I’m not getting enough air. That’s the reason why I’m getting these headaches all the time. What I need is some fresh, healthy air. If only there were a tall hill, a mountain, I could visit, clamber to the top of and inhale its salubrious breath.

A plant was placed in my room recently. Green are its leave; all too green. I’m nt sure how much it has helped my cause; the cause of my breathing better air, that is. Or maybe it’s the soil that’s getting little particles in the air and my breathing those particles in is what’s giving me those headaches. I don’t suppose I  shall ever get to the root of the problem.

I seem to have disowned all my friends because of this flu. No one talks to me anymore. Or more correctly, no one talks to me anymore because I don’t talk to anyone anymore. I just want to recover that’s all; i just want to be better, to feel better, to be hopping around again, to not be bogged down by this silly weakness; I want to be free to achieve!


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