Lord of mercy

Every time she catches me writing in the office and I casually try to hide my screen from her curious eyes, she’ll ask me if I’m nearly done with my story, and sometimes if I think I’ll win the competition – or if she’s generous, laugh about reading my story once its crowned the best. In truth, I haven’t even began. Or I’ve began a hundred times and never once followed the tail to the heart. That is my problem; I’ve been writing so much on this blog and so frequently with prose of this short length that I’ve forgotten how to write any further than would a blog post normally permit. What a pity, what a pity! But please, lord of mercy, let me write more; plant in me a raging idea that will see no competition; let it light a sure path for my mind and let my mind have the determination and stamina to pursue it for as long as it would shine. Lord of mercy, let me write a most splendid piece for the crowd.


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