A Big Bang

I think my mind was recently host to a big bang. Not in the literal sense of course. Unless.. It really was and the entire universe had come into existence only at the birth of my conscious. Never mind.

I cannot recall when it was that I began thinking so many queer thoughts, and in the process, confounding my poor, obtuse mind. It is because of this bothersome beleaguering by all things baffling that I have turned to blogging; to a generous space where I can dump every mildew thought and attempt to piece them all together like thousand-edged jigsaw pieces. And hopefully, attain from the finished whole some mystifying, transcendental enlightenment.

So, yes, I hope that was sufficient in setting the general direction for this blog of eclectic spontaneity and stupendous eccentricity. Also, there might be occasional discourses on my most inane and pancake-flat life should ever I chance upon something as nearly interesting as a space-time-defying cake.