The beauty of addressing letters to no one

The beauty about addressing one’s words to someone whose name is not given, and whose character is well hidden in the contents of the letter, is that you can say all you want to that person – bare all your truest thoughts, and no one will know what the hell you are talking about. They can only guess, and whatever guesses they make will never be as certain as the thoughts that swivel in your head. You give them a glimpse of your soul but the never a view of the whole – that is too dangerous, and people might think all sorts of things about you which you don’t want them to. And isn’t it all so liberating! To reveal to everyone who you really are, but know at the same time that you safe behind a veil; that your secrets though released, still require a great deal of deciphering, and only those to whom you have addressed your letter shall be able to decipher them.

Beauty of letters

Read a letter from an old friend, and I almost cried. There is something about the past, immortalized in the form of words, that is starkly beautiful. How much things have changed since then. It is almost as if that past had never existed, or maybe belonged to an entirely different universe. But for a fleeting moment, we are given the chance to live those experiences, to look past the fog that shrouds the road behind us. The experience feels so new, and yet all so familiar; so heartwarming, and yet so painful; for what a marvelous and curious time has been left behind, that shall never be felt ever again.

Also, you wrote quite elegantly.


On receiving letters

How quite nice it is to receive letters. A person has made the effort to organize his/her thoughts about you and took diligently to the paper, whereupon the ink is carefully settled on the vista. And you are able to see before you the many objects that have been formed of their impressions of you – objects that daily hide in the shadows of casual conversation, eager to reveal themselves at a more opportune time. Still more pleasant is if they recount an occasion where you had done them a good deed and thus remark upon the friendship with a smile of earnest gratitude. What can be more warming to the heart, more soothing to the mind than that; an appreciation for your simply being there?