Nothing original

I am nothing original. Ever part of me is borrowed. I am an amalgam of borrowed ideas. Which is why I will always need something to build on. Give me an empty, and I’ll paint you nothing; but give me one with a couple of lines and a vague notion of what to paint, and I’ll paint you a Picasso. Maybe. One day, maybe.

He’s not a team player, she said – that’s what she said? I suppose it rightly appeared to her that I am not a team player; I admit that I have appeared to not want to work together. But this only happens when the person with whom I am supposed to work is incompetent; whose ideas are far flung from the purpose, whose line of thought is a rigmarole, and whose rigmaroles do not even excite or inspire. If however there is someone who can create work that impresses me, that can make me go “how did I not see that”; yes, then I shall gladly cooperate – I shall share every idea and listen to every returning one. To wit, one should never judge whether a person is or is not a team player just by his interactions with a single other person; one must investigate further, look into the ideas that traverse between the two persons and watch how they coalesce.

Discovering truths

We sometimes chance upon a truth, or an insight, which we have struggled for so long to arrive at, already established in the words of some eminent person or intellect. At first, there is a wild joy; for it is wonderful to be right but still more to have our thoughts affirmed by a figure of indelible wisdom. Slowly however the joy begins to calm. We begin to recall the effort of the mind with which we had pursued the truth, and yet now before us, rising from the pages of an obscured omnibus, stands that very truth. What is more, because it has already received its appraisal and the author his commendation, our efforts can claim no reward, no recognition. We might also begin to wonder if our future discoveries will too be affirmed in this same manner. And if dismayingly they will, then will not our pursuit of greatness be merely a pursuit of another’s shadow?